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I Used to Play Violin
An Innovative Method for Adults Returning to Play

Singing requires putting the rest of your busy life aside and focusing on both the physical and creative components of making art through sound. Just like athletes musicians must warm up to be limber relaxed and ready to perform and to prevent strain or injury. These 25 warm-ups are designed to take your voice and body from their everyday habits and routines and to focus and prepare them to sing well. The exercises begin with broad large-muscle relaxation techniques and breathing work and move on to a gradual relaxed warm-up of your voice and strengthening of your vocal skills. The CD contains demos for listening and separate backing tracks so you can sing along. Three songs are also included for practice.




Essential  Elements 2000 Plus BK/CD/DVD

A fully comprehensive string method that combines the traditional elements of book-based learning with the possibilities of DVD. Learn all the basic techniques, notes, theory and music-reading you need to get on the right track with the Violin. Everything is covered, right from how to hold the instrument and its bow, up to full pieces and even improvisation!



A New Tune A Day for Violin  BK/CD

Clearly presented, uncluttered material with familiar tunes and  a gentle introduction to the theoretical aspects of music



Abracadabra Violin

The perfect book for pupil and teacher, songs and tunes you will know and want to play, carefully graded to cover each aspect of technique for the beginner.




Strictly Strings  BKs 1 - 3

This easy-to-teach, straightforward string method is designed to promote success in beginning string players through the joy of ensemble playing. A unique letter-note style of music notation ensures a smooth and successful transition to note reading. Students are introduced to ensemble playing with a wide variety of fun-to-play selections draw from international folk songs, famous classical melodies, familiar symphonic themes and new, original compositions




All For Strings  Bks 1 - 3

The comprehensive string method that covers it all! A successful ensemble string method series for classroom or individual study. Provides the beginning string player with a solid foundation in all aspects of string playing with an emphasis on rhythmic strength.




All For Strings Theory Workbook  Bks 1 & 2

Companion theory workbooks to the methods, suitable for individual or group study. Provides beginning string players with the basics for a thorough understanding of music. The music theory exercises and games are introduced so that they will correspond with the tutor books



Suzuki Violin School   Bk/CD   Bks 1 - 5

The New International Edition of Suzuki Piano School , Volume 1 includes French, German and Spanish translations as well as a newly recorded CD performed by internationally renowned recording artist Seizo Azuma. Now the book and CD can be purchased together or separately. While the music selections in Volume 1 remain the same as the earlier edition, the spacious new engraving with minimal editing generally keeps only one piece per page .



Suzuki Violin  Bk Only   Bks 1 - 8

The Suzuki philosophy is based upon the idea that children can learn music in the same manner they do their native language, through repetitive listening. This listening is then followed up with 1) Individual Instruction with a trained Suzuki teacher 2) Group lessons on a bi-weekly / weekly basis 3) Parent Involvement 4) Encouragement. Students begin lessons as early as two years old and through repetition of small and enjoyable steps begin building a music vocabulary.

 Priced from $20.00



Strings In Step - Violin Book 1

The ideal method to gain confidence and develop you very first Violin repertoire. Strings In Step is packed with exercises and short pieces that offer an interesting and fun way of learning your first Violin pieces. The book is complete with a CD featuring performances of all examples with piano accompaniments and some additional backing.This book introduces pupils to the basics of string playing. Suitable for group or individual tuition.





The Doflein Method - The Violinists Progress  Vol 1

A complete violin course with instruction combining musical theory and practice in duet playing.



Little Sevcik Elementary Violin Tutor

This elementary violin tutor follows exactly the principles of the Sevcik method, and draws upon material form the expanded Sevcik series, creating a book that teaches the fundamentals of violin playing through exercises and short pieces.
Covers the component parts of the violin, playing position, holding the violin, the notes, placing of the fingers, scales, intervals, bowing styles, rhythms, syncopation, 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions and more.



Absolute Beginners Fiddle

The award-winning Absolute Beginners method has been designed to make learning the fiddle (violin) easier than ever before! Step-by-step pictures take you from first day exercises to playing your first complete songs. Absolute Beginners Fiddle gives you: an 'owner's manual' approach to the fiddle; practical advice and tips covering everything you need to know about setting up, playing and maintenance; a look-and-learn course that uses clear pictures to illustrate every step of learning; CD audio tracks to let you hear how things should sound, plus full-length accompaniments so you can play along; and more!



Any Fool can write Fiddle Tunes!   by Chris Haigh

A unique guide to the composition of folk tunes. It requires no previous experience of tune writing, is full of practical, down-to earth suggestions about every aspect of composition and covers a wide variety of folk styles. The book shows you how to analyse, deconstruct and rebuild traditional tunes and takes you step by step through the process of creating a tune.






The Irish Fiddle   BK/CD

A comprehensive tutor for both the absolute beginner and more advanced players who wish to develop their fiddling technique. Contains everything you need to know about the Irish fiddle, including scales, exercises and discussions on such areas as bowing and ornamentation, with a collection of 85 easy to play tunes, jigs, and reels.



Irish Fiddle Playing    Bk/CD

This book is designed to make the personal aspects of traditional Irish fiddle playing, improvisation and interpretation, accessible to novice players.the author conveys what to do with tunes to make them your own. The first part of the book discusses such subjects as the "language" of traditional music, posture, bowing, and effective practice, with a detailed analysis of left and right hand technique. The second section is a selection of tunes that demonstrate the ideas in the first part



Irish Fiddle Playing Bk 2   Bk/CD

This book is a follow-up to "Irish Fiddle Playing.The student will gain a deeper knowledge of fiddle playing and improve their overall playing and musical understanding.Subjects include: improvisation, fingering and bowing techniques, playing with other musicians, modes, converting from classical to traditional, improvising in songs.



Fiddle Time Joggers

Fiddle Time Joggers is a first book of very easy pieces for violin with open string pieces and tunes using the finger pattern 0-1-2-3-4. There are well-known tunes and original pieces from rock to calypso using simple slurs and a few dynamics. Fiddle Time is a great series for young violinists. Packed with lively original tunes, well known piece, and easy duets. the series is compatible with Viola Time and is carefully paced and organized to buiild confidence every step of the way.



Fiddle Time Runners

Fiddle Time Runners is a second book of easy pieces for violin using finger patterns 0-12-3-4 and 0-1-2-34. Includes traditional tunes, familiar pieces and original material, plus plenty of duets. The ideal opportunity to develop an early repertoire of pieces that are great fun for any occasion



Fiddle Time Sprinters

Fiddle Time is a great series for young violinists. Packed with lively original tunes, well known pieces, and easy duets, the series is carefully paced and organized to build confidence every step of the way.




Fiddle Time Scales Bks 1 & 2

Fiddle Time Scales is filled with creative ideas to make learning scales and arpeggios easy and fun. There are two full pages for each scale and arpeggio including a fingering chart, a rhythm game, fun pieces for each key, and a range of puzzles and composition games.



String Time Joggers - Violin

This exciting new series by the authors of Fiddle Time, Viola Time, and Cello Time provides great new ensemble material for all string groups, whatever their size. String Time Joggers is a must-have for all those looking for imaginative and enjoyable ensemble repertoire




Fiddle Magic    O'Reilly

Fiddle Magic is an extraordinary book of first and third position exercises that precisely isolate the myriad of problems intermediate and advanced violinists focus on: Strengthening the left hand using the neglected fourth finger. Allowing time for depth of finger placement. Refining finger motion. Hearing high-low contrast. Developing flexibility and independence of finger placement. Concentrating on "high thirds" in major keys and "low thirds" in minor keys. Executing accurate shifts from first to third position.



Introducing the Positions for Violin. Vol 1

These books are designed to help students overcome the limitations of playing only in first position. Volume 1 focuses exclusively on shifting between first and fourth positions, while Volume 2 is devoted to second, second-and-a-half, third, and third-and-a-half positions.





Exercises for promoting dexterity in Various Positions




String Builder

An all-time best seller, the Belwin String Builder is a string class method in three parts in which Violin, Viola, Cello and Bass play together throughout. Each book however, is a complete unit and may be used separately for class or individual instruction.
The material in the book is graded realistically so that only the minimum of explanatory material is required. Each melody is interesting and will provide the basis for a fine left hand technique and a strong bow arm



Viva Vibrato

Viva Vibrato! is exciting, innovative, and revolutionary in its approach to teaching vibrato. There has never been anything like it before. Its upbeat style and dialogue, and contemporary design, gently guides students through a five-section curriculum: Vibrato Readiness, The Birth of a Vibrato, The Developing Vibrato, The Maturing Vibrato, The Artistic Vibrato. All teachers of string instruments will find this course user friendly.



Technique Takes Off               Mary Cohen

Fourteen original, imaginative studies for solo violin, designed to lead on from elementary studies for younger players to those of Mazas and Kreutzer. Each piece concentrates on one or two aspects of technique, and the whole set covers a wide range of left and right hand skills including spiccato bowing, string-crossing, moto perpetuo, cantabile and easy double-stopping



Technique Flies High              Mary Cohen

Technique Flies High! is an exciting book of new performance studies for the intermediate to advanced level of violinist. In using baroque, romantic, contemporary and folk styles, these studies makes these studies ideal for unaacompanied concert repertoire. The book includes practice and performance tips to guide the student and outlines the technical and musical goals. The grade standard is approximately 6-8.



Superstudies   Bk 2   Mary Cohen

This collection of twelve original, imaginative studies for solo violin continues the technical progression of Superstudies Book 1. Aimed at young players of Grades 2-4 level, these studies introduce a wide range of musical styles, while consolidating all the finger patterns used in 1st position and introducing easy 3rd position. New bowing techniques in this volume include spiccato and hooked bows.



Elementary Progressive Studies - Kinsey

Twenty-four progressive studies in the first position





Mazas Etudes Op 36    Peters

Studies 1-30 , popularly known as Etudes Speciales or Etudes Brilliantes constitute together with the classical studies of Kreutzer and are ideal material for violin study.



Kreutzer   Etudes           Peters

Kreutzer's 42 Studies or Caprices are essential repertoire for the developing Violinist, challenging all areas of your playing from the technical to the melodic



Improve Your Sightreading     Gds 1 - 8

Improve Your Sight-Reading Violin is a step by step series of books which helps the player to build up a complete picture of each piece. How this is done is by firstly through rhythmic and melodic exercises related to specific problems then by the study of a prepared piece for the learning student to answer. This then finally leads on to the real unprepared sight-reading test itself. This workbook is specifically intended to help over come sight-reading problems for violinists working for the Grade  Examinations.



Melodious Double Stops   Trott         Bks 1 & 2

For the intermediate violinist - a series of exerices that tackle bowing double stops. The exercises begin at a moderate level and progressively get more advanced through the book.

Bk 1   $25.00

Bk 2  $29.50




Violin Exam Pieces
ABRSM Selected from the 2012-2015 Syllabus

                           Part Only               Score /Part         Score/Part & CD

Grade 1             $13.00                    $23.00                  $49.50
Grade 2             $13.00                    $23.50                  $55.00
Grade 3             $19.00                    $25.00                  $59.00
Grade 4             $19.50                    $26.50                  $65.00
Grade 5             $20.00                    $32.50                  $75.00
Grade 6                                            $36.00                  $80.00
Grade 7                                            $42.50                  $90.00

Violin Scales and Arpeggios
from 2012


Grade 1     $ 6.50
Grade 2     $ 7.50
Grade 3     $ 8.00
Grade 4     $10.00
Grade 5     $11.00
Grade 6     $12.00
Grade 7     $13.00
Grade 8     $14.00

Violin Specimen Sight-Reading Tests
ABRSM from 2012





Grades 1-5     $16.50
Grades 6-8     $18.50


Ass Bd Violin  2008-20011       Score and Part    Gds 1-8

Containing nine pieces from the ABRSM 2008-2011 Violin syllabus, this album is indispensable to teachers and pupils alike. Included is both a Piano Score and Violin part for selected examination pieces for the Associated Board  Violin Examinations, from 2008 through 2011

Priced from $19.50


Ass Bd Violin 2008-2011        Violin Part Only     Gds 1 - 5

Featured here is the Violin part for selected examination pieces for the Associated Board Grade  Violin Examinations, from 2008 through 2011.


Priced From $13.00


Ass Bd Violin Scales and Arpeggios   Gs 1  - 8

All the Scales and Arpeggios required for the ABRSM Violin examinations Grades 1 - 8

Priced from $6.50


Ass Bd Violin  2008-2011       Score, Part & CD Grades 1-8

Includes the printed music for nine pieces from the ABRSM 2008-2011 violin syllabus, Grade 1, as well as recordings of the whole syllabus and a playalong track for each piece. This album contains three pieces from each of Lists A, B and C. It also includes footnotes and syllabus information.



Ass Bd  Violin  Specimen Sightreading

A selection of examples for practice use for the Associated Board examinations.



Trinity College Violin Exam  Gds Initial - 8  Score and Part        2004-2009

A selection of modern and contemporary repertoire pieces from the Trinity College syllabus for Grade examinations


Priced from $22.50



Trinity College Violin Exam  Part Only   Gds Initial - Gd 5          2004-2009

The Violin part only of Trinity College  Examination syllabus



Trinity College Violin CD's     2004-2009

Recordings of all the music published in Trinity Violin books 2004-2009. Performed by Roderick Skeaping (Violin) and Peter Wild (Piano). All pieces are also repeated with Piano only to serve as a backing track.

Priced from $29.50


Trinity Guildhall Scales and Arpeggios Gds Initial-8

This book contains all the scales, arpeggios and studies required for Trinity Guildhall Violin examinations from 2007, for Initial - Grade 8.



Trinity Guildhall Sound at Sight Initial - Gd 3

This book offers a wealth of approachable and attractive sight reading pieces which are carefully graded to match Trinity's requirements: invaluable practice material for all Violinists at this stage and vital preparation for Trinity examinations.



Trinity Guildhall Sound at Sight  Gd 4-8

This book offers a wealth of approachable and attractive sight reading pieces which are carefully graded to match Trinity's requirements: invaluable practice material for all Violinists at this stage and vital preparation for Trinity examinations






More Violin Fun

Arranged by Nico Dezaire.

Brush up your solo performance with this fun book/CD pack for second-year violinists. It features 15 easy pieces to practice, then play along ? with a real orchestra! ? on the accompanying CD.






Twilight - Hal Leonard Instrument Playalong

Solo arrangements of nine great songs from the blockbuster movie with terrific accompaniments on CD.
Songs include: Bella's Lullaby, Decode, Eyes on Fire, Full Moon, Go All the Way (Into the Twilight), Leave Out All the Rest, Spotlight (Twilight Remix), Supermassive Black Hole and Tremble for My Beloved



Irish Music for Fiddle Made Easy   Bk/CD

An exciting collection of 29 traditional tunes from Ireland, arranged for easy fiddle. All tunes are written clearly in standard notation with bow directions. An accompanying CD contains all the tunes, played at a manageable speed, with guitar accompaniment.
The collection contains airs, well known songs, polkas, slip jigs, slides, double jigs, hornpipes and reels, all of which are specially arranged by the author with the beginning/intermediate fiddle player in mind. On the CD, the tunes are played 2 or 3 times, so you can really get into the feel of the tune, when playing along. The speed of the tunes is quite slow, but not so slow as to take away from the essential feel .



Fiddling For Classical Stiffs    Bk/CD

This collection will have any classically-trained violinist sounding like an authentic bluegrass or Celtic fiddler in no time. Includes CD with all 22 tunes played slow and fast! Music includes chords for accompaniment. Teaches various forms of shuffle bowing.



Celtic Violin                Bk/CD

This  volume in the Violin Play-Along series brings together some of the best-loved Celtic melodies, and includes the songs The Earl's Chair, Flowers of Edinburgh, The Gold Ring, Harvest Home, Haste to the Wedding, Julia Delaney, Lord Mayo (Tiarna Mhaigheo), and Rights of Man.



Easy Winners                 Bk/CD

A collection of 56 well known pieces from a wide variety of styles for players of all ages, arranged by Peter lawrance. Titles include - Thank You Very Much, I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing, Cabaret, Berceuse, Easy Winners, Chanson de Matin, Blue Danube, Ave Maria, Blue Peter, Dad's Army, Cavatina, James Bond Theme, The Cuckoo, Amazing Grace, Wi' a Hundred Pipers, & many more.




Baroque Playalong                Bk/CD

Bring the music of the Baroque era to life! This book contains approachable top line arrangements suitable for grade 3-5 standard.
The accompanying CD features 12 orchestral backing tracks arranged authentically to reflect the era, together with complete instrumental performances, played by live musicians.
As an additional bonus piano accompaniments are also available for each piece as download. 



Classical Playalong               Bk/CD

Bring the music of the Classical era to life!  This book and CD pack features 12 classical works arranged by Artem Vassiliev.  Fun and appealing for all ages, these pieces have approachable top line melodies suitable for players of grades 3-5 standard.  The accompanying CD features 12 authentic orchestral backing tracks, with instrumental performances played by live musicians.  As an additional bonus, piano accompaniments are included on the CD as a download.




Classics for Weddings          Bk/CD

This book contains the best-known and most beautiful wedding classics. Filled with music from the great composers from different eras, from Johann Sebastian Bach to Richard Wagner.




15 Most Popular Classical Melodies  BK/CD

15 solos arranged specifically for each instrument with an accompaniment CD. Includes: Air on the G String, Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, The Happy Farmer, Morning, Ode to Joy, Pachelbel Canon, Pavane, Rondeau, Waltz of the Flowers, and more.



Mozart Violin Concerto in G K216    Bk/CD

Listen to the full performance tracks to hear how the piece sounds with an orchestra, and then play along using the accompaniment tracks.




Junior Guest Spot 90s Hits    Bk/CD

Junior Guest Spot is ideal for beginners and young performers. Play these fifteen hit songs in easy melody line arrangements by Paul Honey, with specially recorded backing tracks. The arrangements are short and simplified, using simple keys and rhythms, with short phrases and clear bowing marks. The accompanying CD contains full performance versions of the songs on tracks 2-16, the instrumental part is then omitted from tracks 17-31, to enable you to play along as the solo performer.



Junior Guest Spot Chart Hits     BK/CD

Fifteen hit songs for violin in easy melody line arrangements by Chris Norton with specially recorded backing tracks. Hear full performance versions of the songs on tracks 2-16, the violin part is then omitted from tracks 17-31 so you can play along with the recorded accompaniments.



Guest Spot New Film Themes     Bk/CD

Ten great themes from contemporary movies in melody line arrangements for Violin, by Simon Lesley with specially recorded backing tracks. Hear full performance versions of all the songs, the instrumental part is then omitted so you can play along with the recorded accompaniments. Includes fabulous tracks from Amelie, Captain Corelli's Mandolin, Chocolat and Gosford Park.




Guest Spot No 1 Hits             Bk/CD

Ten popular chart-topping songs for Violin in melody line arrangements by Paul Honey. Step into the spotlight and play along with the superb backing tracks on the specially recorded CD.



Ballads Playalong                  Bk/CD

Solo arrangements of 12 songs with an accompaniment CD so instrumentalists can play along with a real band Includes: Bridge over Troubled Water * Bring Him Home * Candle in the Wind * Don't Cry for Me Argentina * I Don't Know How to Love Him * Imagine * Killing Me Softly with His Song * Nights in White Satin * Wonderful Tonight * more.




Christmas Carols Playalong   BK/CD

This volume includes the songs: Angels We Have Heard on High · Away in a Manger · Deck the Hall · The First Noel · Go, Tell It on the Mountain · Jingle Bells · Joy to the World · O Little Town of Bethlehem.




Contemporary Hits                BK/CD

Play 15 of your pop favorites along with this great folio and full accompaniment CD. Songs include: Accidentally in Love , Calling All Angels , Don't Tell Me , Everything , Fallen , The First Cut Is the Deepest , Here Without You , Hey Ya! , If I Ain't Got You , It's My Life , 100 Years , Take My Breath Away (Love Theme) , This Love , White Flag , You Raise Me Up.



Movie Themes                       Bk/CD

Play along with themes from classic films including 'Casablanca', 'Shine', 'Dr Zhivago' and 'Eyes Wide Shut'. Easy to intermediate arrangements of 12 movie themes, complete with CD containing full orchestral backing tracks and live instrumental performances.
The CD also contains printable PDFs of the piano accompaniments.



High School Musical             Bk/CD

This songbook includes nine songs from the record-breaking, best-selling soundtrack, all arranged for Violin, with specially recorded backing tracks. Songs include: Breaking Free, Get'cha Head in the Game, Start of Something New, Stick to the Status Quo, What I've Been Looking For, and more!





Disney Solos                          Bk/CD

This collection contains twelve fabulous and well known Disney songs, all arranged for Solo Violin. The song list includes: I Just Can't Wait To Be King (The Lion King), Under The Sea (The Little Mermaid), You'll Be In My Heart (Tarzan) plus many more.



Disney Greats                        Bk/CD

Here is a fantastic opportunity for you to become the soloist in these specially selected Disney favourites! Each song is presented in clear notation, and the accompanying CD features a full demonstration and backing track for each song so that you can experience the sound of a professional ensemble as your band!
Fifteen songs have been selected from rich Disney heritage, including unforgettable moments from Mary Poppins and The Jungle Book all specially arranged for Violin.





Disney Movie Hits                 Bk/CD

Some of your all-time favourite Disney Movie Hits have been arranged for Violin, as solo arrangements with CD accompaniments. Put on the CD and play-along, as you relive those fairy-tale Disney moments - with songs from Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, and The Lion King.





Easy Disney Favorites           Bk/CD

A selection of favourite songs from classic Walt Disney movies. Perform with recorded accompaniments by top professional musicians! The book and Solo Trax CD will provide hours of entertaining and useful practice.




Great Movie Instrumental Solos   Bk/CD

Titles include: Beautiful * Because of You * Believer * Boulevard of Broken Dreams * Breakaway * Emotional * Everything Burns * Good Is Good * Hung Up * I'm Feeling You * Inside Your Heaven * Like We Never Loved at All * Lost Without You * Magic Works * No More Cloudy Days * Photograph * Ready to Fly * Stickwitu * Stranger in a Strange Land * Untitled (How Can This Happen to Me?) and many more.



Movie Instrumental Solos    Bk/CD

A selection of the finest movie moments of recent years arranged for solo Violin, complete with playalong CD. Includes songs from Harry Potter, Star Wars Episode 1 and Lord of the Rings.



Beautiful Operatic Melodies for Violin  -  arr. William Starr

This collection is ideal for both newcomers and those already acquainted with the world of opera. It contains a piano accompaniment and a violin solo part. The music on the included CD was recorded by violinist Judith Starr and pianist Jarle Rotevatn, both of the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra in Norway.






Easy Popular Movie Instrumental Solos               Bk/CD                (incl. piano accomp)

Easy Popular Movie Instrumental Solos is an accessible selection of movie hits for the beginning student, with simple notation and a play-along CD.



Playalong Show Tunes          Bk/CD

Learn to play the best of Broadway with this special selection of themes from the world of music theatre, all arranged for the elementary Violin student. This fantastic album features ten blockbuster hits from Cabaret, The Phantom of The Opera, Showboat, South Pacific and more!



Rolling Stone Instrumental Solo Album Vol 1                      Bk/CD

12 of the best songs, all chosen from Rolling Stone® magazine's "500 Greatest Songs of All Time." Titles include: Desperado , Both Sides Now , Everyday People , Gimme Some Lovin’ , Honky Tonk Women , A Hard Days Night , I Only Have Eyes For You , Moondance , (We’re Gonna) Rock Around The Clock , Soul Man, When A Man Loves A Woman , Sunshine Of Your Love .



Rolling Stone Instrumental Solo Album Vol 2                     Bk/CD

12 of the best songs, all chosen from Rolling Stone® magazine's "500 Greatest Songs of All Time." Titles include: All I Have to Do Is Dream * Blueberry Hill * Dancing Queen * (Your Love Has Lifted Me) Higher and Higher * Hotel California * How Deep Is Your Love * I Got You (I Feel Good) * In the Midnight Hour * (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction * Spirit in the Sky * A Whiter Shade of Pale * You Send Me



Library of Violin Classics

A compendium of classic solos for the violin. This expansive volume contains the great masterpieces of the world's foremost composers. Over 50 favourite violin solos with full piano accompaniment and a separate matching solo part for the violinist. Carefully selected to provide a lifetime of playing pleasure for every performer. Spiral bound.




Masterpieces for Violin

A massive collection (piano score-208 pages, violin part-96 pages), Masterpieces for Violin includes some of the most beloved performance pieces for the violin, many of which have been out of print for years. With 30 renowned works for violin and piano, the book features transcriptions and compositions by renowned violinists such as August Wilhelmj, Leopold Auer, Mischa Elman, Gustav Saenger, Joseph Joachim and Fritz Kreisler, among others. This is the first time such a remarkable collection of violin repertoire has been available in one publication. The titles in Masterpieces for Violin are concert level and will be outstanding repertoire for the serious violinist.



The Violin Collection     BK/CD      Easy to Intermediate Level

An ideal collection for a student performing in a contest or recital for the first time. All of the pieces can be played comfortably in first position. Contents: Country Gardens (Anonymous) , Bourrée from the Suite in C Major, BWV 1031 (J.S. Bach) , Scherzo from the String Quartet in C minor, Op. 18, No. 4 (Beethoven) , Hungarian Dance No. 5 (Brahms) , Waltz, Op. 39, No. 15 (Brahms) , The Blessed Spirits from Orfeo ed Euridice (Gluck) , Solvejg's Song from Peer Gynt (Grieg) , Gigue from the Concerto Grosso, Op. 6, No. 9 (Handel) , Minuet from the Serenade in B-flat Major for Wind Instruments, (KV 361 (Mozart) , I Attempt from Love's Sickness to Fly from The Indian Queen (Purcell) , Minuet from the String Quartet in B-flat Major, D. 112 (Schubert) , Soldier's March from Album for the Young, Op. 68, No. 2 (Schumann) , Mazurka from the Piano Trio in A minor, Op. 50 (Tchaikovsky) , Les Plaisirs from the Suite for Recorder and Strings in A minor, TV 55, No. 12 (Telemann).



The Violin Collection     BK/CD  Intermediate Level

Attractive solo literature for the intermediate level student. The pieces in this collection do not take the player beyond third position. Contents: Siciliano from the Sonata No. 4 in C minor, BWV 1017 (J.S. Bach) , Intermezzo, Op. 117, No. 1 (Brahms) , Allegro moderato from Four Romantic Pieces, Op. 75 (Dvoråk) , Berceuse, Op. 16 (Fauré) , Allegro from Pièces de clavecin, Op. 1 (Fiocco) , Waltz from Lyric Pieces, Op. 12, No. 2 (Grieg) , Sonata in F Major, HWV 370 (Handel) , Allegro from the Sonata for Violin and Piano in E minor, KV 304 (Mozart) , Allegro molto from the Sonatina for Violin and Piano in D Major, D. 384 (Schubert) , Rondo from the Pupil's Concerto No. 5 in D Major, Op. 22 (Seitz) , Allegro from the Concerto in A minor, Op. 3, No. 6, RV 356 (Vivaldi).



The Violin Collection     BK/CD  Intermediate to Advanced Level

Solos appropriate for advanced high school students or college music majors, this collection presents staples of the standard violin literature. Contents: Allegro moderato from the Concerto No. 1 in A minor, BWV 1041 (J.S. Bach) , Presto from the Sonata No. 1 (unaccompanimed) in G minor, BWV 1001 (J.S. Bach) , Canzone from the Concerto for Piano, Op. 38 (Barber) , Allegro from the Sonata for Violin and Piano in F Major, Op. 24 (“Spring”) (Beethoven) ,ŠAllegro risoluto from the Sonatina for Violin and Piano in G Major, Op. 100 (Dvoråk) , Recitativo-Fantasia from the Sonate in A Major (Franck) , Molto allegro from the Sonata for Violin and Piano in A Major, KV 526 (Mozart) , Song from Tango Song and Dance (Previn) , Canzonetta from the Violin Concerto in D Major, Op. 35 (Tchaikovsky) , Theme from Schindler's List (John Williams).



The Romantic Violinist   S.Nelson

Period repertoire specially selected by the world famous teacher Sheila Nelson. Includes a wide spectrum of composers, from the well known to less familiar names and a lively variety of unaccompanied, solo pieces and duets.  Performance tips and background notes help recreate the flavour of the era and style.




Real Repertoire for Violin

This volume has been carefully selected for the intermediate violinist. It provides essential repertoire that players will return to time and again. Pieces have been selected by Mary Cohen and include masterpieces by Bach, Mozart and Brahms as well as lesser known pieces by Bartok and Wieniawski. A lasting inspiration to violinists everywhere.



Solos For Young Violinists   Barber      Bks 1 - 6

Solos for Young Violinists is a graded series of works ranging from elementary to advanced levels representing an exciting variety of styles and techniques for violinists -- a valuable resource for teachers and students of all ages. Many of the works in this collection have long been recognized as stepping stones to the major violin repertoire, while others are newly published pieces for further choices of study.




Dip In 100 Graded Violin Solos

A great collection of popular music arranged for Violin, specially graded from easy-to-play tunes to more challenging pieces.

Includes bowing, articulation and chord symbols.




Heifetz Plays Gershwin

Collection of music by the great Gershwin played in the typical Heifetz style.




Firtz Kresiler Repertoire

Contents: Caprice Viennois * Berceuse Romantique * Polichinelle * Altdeutsches Schafermadrigal * Zigeuner-Capriccio * Syncopation * Chanson Louis XIII et Pavane im Stile von Louis Couperin * Praeludium und Allegro im Stile von Gaetano Pugnani * Sicilienne und Rigaudon im Stile von Francois Francoeur * Alt-Wiener Tanzweisen: I Liebesfreud, II Liebesleid, III Schon Rosmarin * Dansa espagnole (Granados) * Tango, Op. 165, No. 2 (Albeniz).



The Orchestral Violinist

These extracts from the Classical/Romantic and Twentieth Century concert repertoire reveal the tricks of the trade! The Orchestral Violinist distills Rodney Friend's expertise by assembling extracts from each work as self-contained studies. Detailed fingerings have been applied and workable bowings are reproduced in solving all of the technical problems faced by the player.



Test Pieces for Orchestral Audition

Contains test pieces for orchestral auditions in the form of excerpts from the Operatic and Concert Repertoire. The works of composers such as Bach, Beethoven, Bartok, Dvorak, Debussy, Gluck, Mozart, Kodaly, Delibes, Mahler, Hindemith, Bizet, Ravel, Wagner, Verdi, Stravinskt, Strauss, Schumann, Rossini and many more.



Encore  Tasmin Little

This collection of seven showpieces for violin and piano will provide a variety of exciting repertoire, from Schubert's poignant 'Ave Maria' to technical showpieces such as Brahms' 'Hungarian Dance No. 1'. All the pieces have been carefully edited by Tasmin Little, and include suggested fingerings and bowings. Suitable for competent players.including , and De Falla's 'Danse Espagnole'



Music for Violin  Manuel de Falla

Arrangements for Violin and Piano from El Amor Brujo (Love the Magician) by Manuel de Falla, arranged by Paul Kochanski.


  • Dance Of Terror
  • Pantomime
  • Ritual Fire Dance



Excerpts from Four Seasons      Nigel Kennedy

Originally written for violin solo,strings and continuo, here are seven movements from one of the most popular works in the entire classical repertoire, specially selected and arranged for this edition, and within the capabiliteis of the average player.




Gypsy Jazz

Gypsy Jazz is an invitation to explore new musical horizons and discover the fascinating world of folk culture - from Russian and Greek dances to Bulgarian folk songs and Celtic lilts! With simple Piano accompaniments, this is a delightful collection of fresh repertoire 

Easy Level    $34.50

Intermediate Level $41.50

Jigs Reels and Hornpipes

The full range of traditional fiddle repertoire is now at your fingertips! Using this generous collection you can create your own ceilidh or barn dance. This terrific complete volume includes optional easy violin part and guitar chords.



The Viennese Fiddler

The best-selling series that helps you recreate the colourful world of folk fiddle music through authentic arrangements for flexible strings.

All the sensual sophistication and enduring elegance of Viennese string music, from sparkling miniatures to Viennese café music. Waltzes, polkas and melodies from operettas including The Beautiful Blue Danube and The Emperor Waltz.



Kenny Halls Music Book

Since the 1960's here has been an extraordinary revival of old-time string band music in California, and indeed throughout the American West. Despite being born blind, Kenny Hall has been a mainstay of many fiddle festivals and of the Western fiddle and string band revival in general. Kenny's musical style is passionate and energetic. This book is a helpful guide to his vast repertoire learned through years of careful listening. It is also a wonderful addition to the fiddler's bookshelf and a fitting tribute to a man who, for many an aspiring fiddler, has been a friend, guide, exemplar, and patron. Many of the tunes includes nonsense lyrics that Kenny used to help him remember the melody, and each tune is accompanied by Kenny's comments. The book is divided into five chapters: fiddle- based tunes (Fiddle Faddle), mandolin-based tunes (Rags, Tags, and Wags), Waltzes, tunes from an origin other than the United States or the British Isles (Kenny's Rambles); and vocal-based pieces including lyrics (Songs, Ballads, Ditties). Some of the transcriptions are written primarily for fiddle or mandolin, but most tunes can be performed on either instrument. This deluxe guide to Kenny Hall's vast repertoire offers fans of old-time music a great way to get to know Kenny and his music.



Violin Allsorts          Initial - Gr 1  & Gr 2 - 3

It will definitely not be a chore to practice these lovely pieces and each student will surely find his or her own favourite tune to play over and over for sheer enjoyment. Mary Cohen’s clean uncluttered editions with their enticing colourful covers and descriptive titles are eminently student-friendly



Winners Galore

Winners Galore provides a wealth of popular repertoire, from your favourite TV Themes, to well known Classical melodies. Arranged by Peter Lawrance for Violin, these pieces are most enjoyable, and are ideal for the elementary to intermediate player.




Old Masters for Young Players

H. Purcell: Air, C. W. Gluck: Andante cantabile, J. P. Rameau: La Villageoise, G. F. Händel: Air, J. A. Hasse: 2 Dances, J. B. Lully: Gavotte and Musette, J. M. Leclair: Sarabande, J. S. Bach: 2 Minuets, L. v. Beethoven: Liebeslied, G. Tartini: Sarabande, G. B. Buononcini: Rondeau, R. Schumann: Erinnerung



Handel - Complete Works

The Urtext edition of George Frideric Handel's complete works for Violin and Continuo




Bach 6 sonatas Bk 1

Johann Sebastian Bach's cycle of three sonatas and three partitas for unaccompanied violin. These pieces set new standards both in instrumental performance and compositional technique - standards that have lost none of their currency over the years. Barenreiter Urtext Edition.



Mozart Sonaten

Mozart violin sonatas Bks 1 & 2   Peters Ed




Corelli Sonatas




Pop for Violin 2             Bk/CD

12 Pop hits, easy level for violin (with 2nd part). With Tears In Heaven, Angels, White Flag and others + Playalong CD.






Violin Quartets Volume 2  arr. David M.Levenson

To 5th position. Contents: Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring, Bach; Silent Night; Children's March, Ecossaise, Minuet, Schubert; Tambourin, LeClair; Symphony #7, Beethoven.




The Vivaldi Collection      String Quartet arr. Barrie Carson Turner

Vivaldi was a prolific composer, particularly of string music, but also responsible for a wide variety of other work. This selection includes extracts from The Seasons - arguably the composer's most well-known work, as well as other less well-known vocal and instrumental music. The two extracts from the concerto for two mandolins and the concerto for two trumpets remind us that Vivaldi did not restrict himself only to concertos for string instruments.



Mini Quartets for 4 Violins Bk 1

These "Mini Quartets" are suitable for both group lessons and concerts. This is first book of many in a great series and focuses on open strings, first and second finger. There is no first, second, third, or fourth violinists, all - differently coloured - parts are equal. Switching roles is of course an excellent idea! An accompanying CD, featuring demo tracks of all the pieces, is included so that pupils can practise at home and even perform to friends and family!



Mini Quartets for 4 Violins Bk 2

These "Mini Quartets" are suitable for both group lessons and concerts. The second book of many in a great series and focuses on first, second and third finger. There is no first, second, third, or fourth violinists, all - differently coloured - parts are equal. Switching roles is of course an excellent idea! An accompanying CD, featuring demo tracks of all the pieces, is included so that pupils can practice at home and even perform to friends and family!




Thank You For The Music   Grade 2   String Things Flexible String Ensemble

4-part flexible strings with rehearsal piano, extra easy string parts and optional percussion. Playable by various combinations of strings.





Dancing Queen   Grade 3  String Things Flexible String Ensemble

4-part flexible strings with rehearsal piano, extra easy string parts and optional percussion. Playable by various combinations of strings



O mio babbino caro  aus Gianni Schicci

For 2 violin, cello and piano



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